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Star KozyKorner
A place to pull up a chair. Have a cup of your favorite. Share your favorite recipes. Love food and cooking this is the place to find that special recipe you have been looking for. Scr*pbooking and Beadwork tips and links here.

Group Founder: seastarr
Description: Come on in; kick your shoes off, sit a spell. Have a cuppa. Place to post your favorite recipes. Need a recipe? Just ask. Also any tips on homemaking are welcome. Let's have a good time, get to know one another. Let's also be crafty and artistic!. Scr*pbooking & Beadwork tips & links here!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 148
Category: Arts & Culture > Art

Topics (45)

go Welcome Let's Chat.!!. [121] seastarr
Hello welcome. Lets get to know one another. I'm seastarr/Judy. I'm a Mom & Nonni (gmom). Grew up on a farm in central Oklahoma, USA. Love to read, and collect cookbooks. starfish2.gif

go Wap Groups (13) seastarr
Post ur wap groups here. Tell us name of group & brief description of what ur group is about. Thanks.

go Sandwiches a Meal on The Go (4) seastarr
Sandwich recipes also meat salads anything that you especially love on a sandwich nyam.gif

go Spices (1) butyj
Tel me abt ur fav spice y it is ur fav+dishes it compliments

go *SideDishes*and*Vegetables* (8) seastarr
Post all your favorite Side Dishes and Vegetables here carrot.gif

go S.A. Traditional Recipies (14) endtimes Meat layer:1 kg minced lamb; 1 slice white bread; 250 ml milk; 2 onions, finely chopped; 30 ml cooking oil; 25 ml mild curry powde...

go New Community (2) seastarr
The site is called moba-mingle. The url is: . If u join using my secret word: pinkfib u will automatically be on my friends list. Hope to see u there. Give me a shout when u get there.

go Valentine's Greetings (1) seastarr
Happy Valentine's day to each of you. cupid.gif

go Christmas Greetings (1) seastarr
A place to post our holiday greetings and messages! santa.gif

go Brownies and Bar Cookies (6) seastarr
Brownies, blondies, lemon bars. Whatever your favorite snack that cuts into bars squares etc. We will post them here! I'm ready for some brownies now! eating.gif

go Soups Of The World (24) seastarr
Is it Soup Yet? Please share your favorite Soup & Stew Recipies here. yumyum.gif

go Salads.... (13) seastarr
This topic will include all types of salads. If you have a favorite please post it here. nyam.gif

go *Casserole*and*One Dish Meals* (2) seastarr
Post all your favorite Casserole and One Dish Meals recipes here.

go Spanish**Mexican**TexMex** (4) seastarr
Post all your hot spicy wonderful Spanish, Mexican, Southwest, TexMex style recipes here. dani2.gif

go Crochet Corner (1) seastarr
This is a place for us to share our crochet patterns, tips, and tricks. aww_yeah.gif


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1 How Great Thou Art
2 All Shook Up jazzy
3 You Got It Bad
4 The Pina Colada Song
5 Strawberry Wine
6 Shimmer
7 Puff The Magic Dragon
8 Oh What a Night
9 Jamie Suspense
10 Funky Town
11 Friday 13th
12 Freddy Kruger
13 Footloose
14 Follow Me
15 Faience


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go Pie Pie; Oh me, Oh my, do you like Pie ?
go What is your favorite cookie ?
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